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Track Listing
Side A
1. Shame
2. I Couldíve Been Your Lover Too
3. Thinkiní On You
4. Getting Ready to Start (Getting Ready)
5. Wicked Spell

Side B
1. Something to Lose
2. Never Tire of the Road
3. Take a Stand
4. In the Space of a Day
5. Let Them Go to Heaven
Rachel Baiman
Shame (LP)
Free Dirt
Cat No:
Price £17.99
ē Shame, the debut full-length album from Rachel Baiman, is a work of striking importance from a fresh voice that is bound to reach many ears in the years to come. On the albumís ten tracks, Baiman commands attention with songwriting prowess and a depth of presence well beyond her 27 years. The album is a thought-provoking exploration on life as a female in America, with a strong lyrical focus on social justice issues. Despite the serious subject matter, the sound of the album remains light and centers around groove-based, largely acoustic instrumentation. Produced by Andrew Marlin of Mandolin Orange, the lush and varied musical texture heard on Shame is a departure from Baimanís previous stripped-down duo work with 10 String Symphony. Baimanís vocals are arresting throughout; simultaneously rich and subdued, her husky tone and unaffected delivery pair beautifully with the recordís stew of folk, alt country, and gospel sounds.
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