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  • Coming Forth By Day
    Coming Forth By Day
    Format: CD
    • An otherworldly musical homage to Billie Holiday on the hundredth anniversary of her birth. Cassandra Wilson has always been in love with Billie Holiday’s voice and here she presents a moody, soulful showcase of highly contemporary interpretations of numbers associated with the legendary singer – standards…
  • Brooklyn Jazz Session
    Brooklyn Jazz Session
    Format: CD
    • Top Danish saxophonist Benjamin Koppel plays alto on this 2010 New York studio date in company with Kenny Werner, piano; Johnathan Blake, drums and Scott Colley, bass. Benjamin’s sister Marie Carmen, a well-known soul and gospel singer in Denmark, provides the vocals
  • Where I Come From
    Where I Come From
    Format: CD
    • It’s rare enough when a musician is discovered who not only attracts attention but promptly leaves you speechless. Wreathing Sandro Roy in the trappings of a prodigy myth wouldn’t do justice to describing this 20-year-old’s capabilities because, alongside an astonishing sense of musicality, what captivates…