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  • M Squad + Mike Hammer
    M Squad + Mike Hammer
    Format: CD
    The music for the American TV series “M Squad", starring Lee Marvin, won Stanley Wilson a Grammy in 1959 for best soundtrack. The orchestra consisted of top West Coast session men and arrangements credits were shared with Peter Carpenter, John T Williams and Benny Carter.
  • Long Time ... Seldom Scene
    Long Time ... Seldom Scene
    Format: CD
    Renowned as one of the best progressive bluegrass groups for over 40 years, The Seldom Scene has become a byword for talent, creative spirit and good-humoured stage appearances.
  • Lovely Difficult
    Lovely Difficult
    Format: CD
    Recorded in Brighton and with contributions from, among others, British soul legend, Omar, 'Lovely Difficult' is Mayra's most international album yet.