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  • The Best Of All Possible Worlds
    The Best Of All Possible Worlds
    Format: CD
    'The best of all possible worlds' is the new project by trumpeter Francesco Fratini. Music represents the best of all possible worlds, a territory of infinite richness that Francesco Fratini explores relentlessly between Rome and New York, different but similar cities that have inspired all the tracks…
  • The Guitar Trio In Calgary 1977
    The Guitar Trio In Calgary 1977
    Format: CD
    After beginning his recording career with two solo LP's in 1975 and 1976, Eugene Chadbourne followed with Guitar Trios in 1977. On one side of this record he was joined by Duck Baker and Randy Hutton. Chadbourne and Hutton were both based in Calgary at that time; Eugene had met Duck Baker in Toronto…
  • MachiNations
    Format: CD
    For his latest album 'MachiNations', Yannick Rieu teams up with six musicians, rated among the best of their generation: Samuel Joly (drums and percussion); Rémi-Jean Leblanc and Alex Lapointe (double bass and electric bass); Jérôme Beaulieu and François Lafontaine (keyboards, piano); and François Jalbert…
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