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  • The Nordic Fiddlers Bloc
    The Nordic Fiddlers Bloc
    Format: CD
    • Norway, Sweden and Shetland have three of the richest fiddle traditions in the world, with documented historical links going back hundreds of years. The Nordic Fiddlers Bloc- Olav Luksengård Mjelva, Anders Hall and Kevin Henderson are now seeking to bring those historical links and traditions alive…
  • Heart of Cape Breton- Fiddle Ceilidh Trail
    Heart of Cape Breton- Fiddle Ceilidh Trail
    Format: CD
    With a culture deeply influenced by 19th century Scottish emigration, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, is widely celebrated for its fiddle music. Profoundly rooted in old Scottish tradition, the music is increasingly moving to center stage in the contemporary Celtic revival, as seen in the popularity of Cape…
  • The Best of Vol. 1
    The Best of Vol. 1
    Format: CD
    • Selections made personally by Aly Bain from recordings over the past thirty years, mainly featuring tracks from television series including Down Home, The Shetland Sessions, The Transatlantic Sessions and Aly Bain Meets The Cajuns.