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  • The Consolers Collection 1952-1962 (2CD)
    The Consolers Collection 1952-1962 (2CD)
    Format: CD
    • Miami-based husband and wife gospel duo Sullivan and Iola Pugh had a distinctive country blues flavoured impassioned style which was heightened by Sullivan’s unusual electric guitar technique, played in open tuning with his thumb.
  • Beyond The 4 Walls
    Beyond The 4 Walls
    Format: CD
    • The playing of lap steel and pedal steel guitar in some churches with African-American congregations was Northern America's last musical secret. Once the cat was out of the bag the Campbell Brothers, from New York's House of God Keith Dominion church, were able to present their amazing music to a…
  • The Golden Age of Gospel 1946-1956 (2CD)
    The Golden Age of Gospel 1946-1956 (2CD)
    Format: CD
    • A terrific collection of gospel music from the post-war period