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  • Satrika
    Format: CD
    The group serves up a virtuoso fusion of ethnic music, Roma swing, Romanian blues, Balkan pop and Mediterranean timbre, performed on traditional instruments and doing without electronic support.
  • True Speech
    True Speech
    Format: CD
    Polish/Ukrainian band Caci Vorba specialise in an impulsive mixture of Gypsy, Carpathian and Balkan music, transforming traditional melodies of Roma, Hungarians, Slavs, Greeks & Turks while preserving their passion and dance dynamics.
  • Tajno Biav - Secret Marriage
    Tajno Biav - Secret Marriage
    Format: CD
    As the title suggests, Polish/Ukrainian group Caci Vorba have produced a CD which sounds like a secret gypsy wedding cheerful dance music, melancholic love songs and wistful a cappella ballads