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Track Listing
1. the rising sun
2. creation
3. fountain of light
4. day dreaming
5. voyage of discovery
6. rolling waves
7. the swirling pool
8. dancing sunbeams
9. hypnotic waters
10. crystal ships
Body and Soul
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In this new millennium, as the stress and pace of modern life constantly increases, more and more people are understanding the need to create balance in their lives. Music has for centuries been one of manís most valued aids to provoke and create various moods and is a part of our most primitive instinct.Body & Soul presents a range of restful music designed to help "balance your life".

The initial launch features six CDís, each captures a different mood and in turn provokes a feeling of contentment, tranquillity, relaxation, harmony and a general sense of wellbeing.

The music has been specifically commissioned, composed and recorded at Box Tree Barn Studios. Nestling in the Yorkshire Dales for the past 300 years, the old stone barn now hosts a state of the art recording facility whilst providing the musicians inspiration from the natural beauty of its unspoilt environment.
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