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Track Listing
1. A New Orléans 2:41
2. Sentimental 1:49
3. Mon vieux copain 2:54
4. Hey pony 2:20
5. 24.000 baisers 2:19V6. Si tu restes avec moi 2:29
7. Tu es la 1:34
8. Ton fétiche d’amour 2:18
9. Retiens la nuit 2:53
10. Sam’di soir 3:01
11. Wap-dou-wap (tu aimes le twist) 2:11
12. Si tu me téléphones 2:39
13. Ya ya twist 2:25
14.La faute au twist 1:53
15. Twistin’ U.S.A. 2:24V16. Danse le twist avec moi 2:17

bonus tracks
17. Souvenirs, souvenirs 2:10
18. Il faut saisir sa chance 2:44
19. Avec une poigneé de terre 2:11
20. Viens danser le twist 2:07
21. Laisse les filles 2:23
22. Dans un jardin d’amour 2:06
23. Douce violence 2:22
24. Serre la main d’un fou 2:43
25. Pas cette chanson 2:42
26. L’idole des jeunes 2:28
27. Tu m’plais 2:07
28. Nous quand on s’embrasse 2:38
Johnny Hallyday
Tete A Tete + Retiens La Nuit
Hoodoo Records
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Price £9.49
• A living legend and versatile vocalist, Johnny Hallyday is one of France’s most colourful cultural icons. His sense of rock & roll style, with all its rebellious trappings, is impeccable, and his stage presence remains undeniably electric and authentic. This Hoodoo Records CD presents two of Hallyday’s most iconic albums from his early career: the masterpiece 'Tète à Tête' (1961), and the equally splendid, and long unavailable, 'Retiens la Nuit' – also known Numéro 2 (1962). Both titles were originally issued as 10-inch records, and contain some of Johnny Hallyday’s finest moments during his early years – when he gained fame as France’s answer to Elvis Presley and the fabulous rock legends of the ‘50s. This remastered collectors’ edition also contains 12 bonus tracks, consisting of all of Hallyday’s most celebrated hits issued between 1960 and 1962, which didn’t form part of the two LPs featured here. This is an essential set for listeners who want to explore the early sounds of Johnny Hallyday, and for any devotee of original rock & roll.
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