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Track Listing
1.Urban Heart
2. Rome's Happiness
3. Borderline
4. Floating Memories
5. Look Back
6. No Plan B
7. Ellipse
8. Night Train To Lipetsk
9. Drawing Light
10. Tangle Borders
Dock In Absolute
Cam Jazz
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Price £10.99
The second album by Luxembourg’s Dock In Absolute highlights their genre-shifting approach to trio jazz, with familiar bop elements intermingled with classical, pop and post-rock. Jean-Philippe Koch (piano), David Kintziger (electric bass) and Michel Mootz (percussion) serve up an album of sustained and often surprising beauty. Dock In Absolute bring an immediately recognisable spin to an otherwise well-worn combo. This is a group, rather than a collection of individuals, and Unlikely is an “album” rather than a mere collection of themes. Under the supervision of music producer Ermanno Basso, Unlikely was recorded and mixed in January 2019 by Stefano Amerio and mastered by Danilo Rossi.