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Track Listing
1. Jubal
2. Adirondack Voices: I. Miner Hill
3. Adirondack Voices: II. Donny Dims of the Arrow
4. Adirondack Voices: III. The Jam on Gerry's Rock
5. Shanti: I. Adbhuta (wonder)
6. Shanti: II. Karuna (Compassion)
7. Shanti: III. Bhayanaka (Fear)
8. Shanti: IV. Hasya (Humour)
9. Shanti: V. Veera (Valour)
10. Shanti: VI. Raudra (Rage)
11. Shanti: VII. Shringar (Love)
12. Shanti: VIII. Shanti (Peace)
Peter Child
Boston Modern Orchestra Project
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Price £13.99
Travel the world with the Boston Modern Orchestra Project on its latest release: Peter Child: Shanti. English-born, US-dwelling composer Peter Child draws on his far-reaching journeys and experiences on the three works that comprise this disc. Jubal, with origins in biblical tales and seventeenth-century English poetry, opens the disc with passionate energy and curious melodies. Adirondack Voices explores the folk songs of that region, tracing their roots in England and Scotland to their evolution on the American continent, not unlike the composer himself. Shanti, a culmination of Child's studies in Madras (modern Chennai), India, closes the CD. Child, inspired by an ancient treatise on Indian music and dance, blends Karnatic music theory with western classical technique to interpret rasas from Indian aesthetics. The result is a blend that isn't fully Indian and isn't fully western, but is fully engaging.
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