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Track Listing
1. Spring in Dresden for Violin and Orchestra
2. Suite for Cello and Chamber Winds: I. Lusheng Ensemble
3. Suite for Cello and Chamber Winds: II. Echoes of the Set Bells
4. Suite for Cello and Chamber Winds: III. Romance of Hsiao and Ch'in
5. Suite for Cello and Chamber Winds: IV. Flower Drums in Dance

Fiddle Suite for Huqin and String Orchestra:
6. I. Singing (for Erhu)
7. II. Reciting (for Zhonghu)
8. III. Dancing (for Jinghu)
9. Xian Shi for Viola and Orchestra
Chen Yi
Concertos For String Instruments
Boston Modern Orchestra Project
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Chen Yi made history as the first woman to graduate with an M.A. in composition from Beijing's Central Conservatory, but that was only the start of a fruitful career that has brought her recognition across the globe. Having made her home in the U.S. since 1986, she is one of the most brilliant examples of the kind of multicultural artistic identity that enriches our modern world.