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Track Listing
1. Prelude
2. Duet: Imogen and Posthumus
3. Interlude
4. Aria: Iachimo
5. Imogen
6. Scene with Arias: Iachimo
7. Interlude
8. Scene: Cloten
9. Song: Cloten
10. Recitative and Arioso: Imogen and Belarius
11. Duet, Dirge: Guiderius and Arviragus
12. Battle with Victory March
13. Scene: Ghosts (Mother and Sicilius) and Jupiter
14. Duet: Imogen and Posthumus
15. Finale: Soothsayer and Cymbeline
Charles Fussell
Boston Modern Orchestra Project
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Price £13.99
On this BMOP/sound disc Charles Fussell's Cymbeline reimagines Shakespeare's classic tale of romance, murder, ghosts, and... bagpipes ! Cymbeline features soprano Aliana de la Guardia and tenor Matthew DiBattista singing multiple roles, supported by narrator David Salsbery Fry and chamber orchestra (including bagpipes). Fussell's Cymbeline sets the memorable songs 'Hark Hark, the Lark' and 'Fear No More the Heat O' th' Sun,' as well as Shakespeare's battle scene and Imogen's and Posthumus's reconciliation.