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Track Listing
1. KJ is a DS
2. Two Peafowl...(Concert version)
3. Mary Mahoney [DB & EC duo]
4. Cards [EC solo]
5. Ornette Mashup
6. So Long, Mom
7. White With Foam [DB solo]
8. Two Peafowl...(Studio version)

Complete title for tracks 2 & 8:
Two Peafowl, Tails Folded In Close, Pause For A Moment In The Front Yard Dusk
Eugene Chadbourne with Duck Baker & Randy Hutton
The Guitar Trio In Calgary 1977
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After beginning his recording career with two solo LP's in 1975 and 1976, Eugene Chadbourne followed with Guitar Trios in 1977. On one side of this record he was joined by Duck Baker and Randy Hutton. Chadbourne and Hutton were both based in Calgary at that time; Eugene had met Duck Baker in Toronto in 1975 when both were on the road, and invited him to participate in the guitar trio project in early 1977. Eugene organised a couple of concerts, including one in Calgary, and after this concert the trio went into the studio and recorded the long piece heard on the Trios LP. He and Baker also recorded two duos, which can be heard on Baker's Outside (Emanem 5041). Many years later a tape of the Calgary concert came to light, and this is released here for the first time, along with the track originally issued on Trios. The concert consisted of trio performances as well as solos and one duo, and the music reflects the influence of both American free jazz and European free improvisation of the time, as well as early steps towards the developments Chadbourne would explore with John Zorn and others when he relocated to New York later in 1977. This release gives a fuller picture of what Chadbourne and Baker were doing during this early period, and adds considerably to Randy Hutton's recorded legacy.

Eugene Chadbourne: steel-stringed acoustic guitar
Duck Baker: nylon-stringed acoustic guitar
Randy Hutton: steel-stringed acoustic guitar

Tracks 1-7 previously unissued
Track 8 originally issued in 1977 on Parachute (LP) P-003