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Track Listing
1. Begone dull care! (Britten)
2. Dawn Chorus and College Bells
3. O lusty May (Anon)
4. Contrapunto bestiale alla mente (Banchieri)
5. A Robyn (Cornyshe)
6. Sumer is icumen in (Reading Rota)
7. Watkin's Ale (Anon)
8. Since first I saw your face (Ford)
9. The fairy Round (Holborne)
10. Dindirin dindirin (Anon)
11. Now is the month of Maying (Morley)
12. A Gigge (Bull)
13. The Welsh Allemaine (Anon)
14. Au joli jeu (Janequin)
15. Tanzen und Springen (Hassler)
16. Sellinger's Round (Byrd)
17. Who shall win my lady fair? (de Pearsall)
18. Mistress mine (Vaughan Williams)
19. Amo Amas I love a lass (Anon)
20. The King's Hunt (Bull)
21. Foresters sound the cheerful horn (Bishop)
22. When evening's twilight (Hatton)
23. Paduana Lacrimae (Sweelinck)
24. 3 Hungarian Folksongs (Seiber)
25. Over hill over dale (Vaughan Williams)
26. She moved through the fair (arr. Runswick)
27. Bobby Shaftoe (arr. Langford)
28. The Lark (R R Bennett)
29. How shall I then describe my love? (Ford)
30. Lute Galliard No.17 (Holborne)
31. Hymnus Eucharisticus (Rogers)
32. The College Bells
Various Composers
Music for a May Morning
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