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Track Listing
Anonymous: Of Polish Kings, Elegy, Through your holy resurrection, Our saviour, God our saviour
Seweryn Kon: Untitled,
Valentin Bakfark: Fantasia V, VI, VII, Black cow,
Valentin Haussman: Polish dance I, II, III,
Diomedes Cato: Diomedes’ Canzona,
Marcin of Warta: Nos autem gloriari oportet,
Jakub Sówka: Kyrie paschal,
Krzysztof Klabon: Kyrie, Christe, Kyrie ultimum,
Piotr Drusiński: Preamble I, II, O, cometh the redeemer of nations, May sound in glory,
Various Composers
Of Polish Kings - Canor Anticus
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Renaissance instrumental music recorded by the Canor Anticus viol consort reveals the beauty hidden in lesser known pieces which have survived to this day in lute and organ notation. This recording includes both religious and secular pieces which will be certain to ignite the imagination of the listener by transforming them to the Poland of 400 years ago.
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