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Track Listing
Trad: Dance tune, Robin Hood and the tanner
Anon: Chevaliers, mully estes guariz, Chansons de toile, Li jolitz temps d’esty, Robin Hood, Anni Novi novitas,
de Blaye: Non sap chanter Jafre,
de Ventadord: La dousa vota,
D’oisy: En l’anque chevalier,
de Naverre: Tan tai amors, Costume est bien,
D’Arras: Ce fut en mai,
Machaut: Douce dame jolie,
Landini: Questa fancuilla, Gram piant’ agli occhi, French – La sextet estampie real, Danse Royale, Clap-clap par un matin s’en aloit robin,
English – Gabriel fram evene king sent, Novus miles sequitur,
Italian – Saltarello,
unattributed - A la fontenella
Various Composers
Knights & Damsels - Songs & Dances from the M
River Productions
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Price £10.99
• This selection of dances, ballads and songs recreates the lively sounds of the great hall in a medieval castle as courageous knights, courtiers and their ladies all feasted and made merry and were entertained by music from troubadours, trouvères and minstrels.

• Works featured are from the 12th and 13th centuries

• Features St George’s Canzona directed by John Sothcott, The Medieval Ensemble directed by Martin Best, Estampie directed by John Bryan
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