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Track Listing
1. High And Lonesome
2. Roll And Rhumba
3. I Found My Baby
4. Jimmy's Boogie
5. You Don't Have To Go
6. Boogie In The Dark
7. Pretty Thing
8. I'm Gonna Ruin You
9. I Don't Go For That
10. She Don't Want Me No More
11. Ain't That Lovin' You Baby
12. Baby, Don't Say That No More
13. Rockin' With Reed
14. Can't Stand To See You Go
15. My First Plea
16. I Love You Baby
17. Honey, Don't Let Me Go
18. You've Got Me Dizzy
19. Little Rain
20. Honey Where Are You Going?
21. The Sun Is Shining
22. Baby, What's On Your Mind
23. Honest I Do
24. Signals Of Love
25. You're Something Else
26. A String To Your Heart

1. You Got Me Crying
2. Go On To School
3. I Know It's A Sin
4. Down In Virginia
5. I'm Gonna Get My Baby
6. Odds And Ends
7. I Told You Baby
8. Ends And Odds (Instrumental)
9. Take Out Some Insurance
10. You Know I Love You
11. Going To New York
12. I Wanna Be Loved
13. Baby What You Want Me To Do
14. Caress Me Baby
15. Where Can You Be
16. Found Love
17. Hush Hush
18. Going By The River - Part 2
19. Laughing At The Blues
20. Close Together
21. Big Boss Man
22. I'm A Love You
23. Bright Lights, Big City
24. I'm Mr. Luck
25. Aw, Shucks, Hush Your Mouth
26. Baby, What's Wrong
27. Good Lover
28. Tell Me You Love Me
Jimmy Reed
The Complete Singles As & Bs 1953-1961
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Price £9.99
Jimmy Reed brought his distinctive style of electric blues to mainstream audiences and was a great influence on aspiring talents such as Eric Clapton, the Rolling Stones and the Van Morrison-fronted Them.

Great value 2CD set featuring every A and B-side he released from 1953 to 1961. A thorough and entertaining overview of the formative years of a significant blues stylist