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Track Listing
1. Perdido (Juan Tizol-Duke Ellington-H. J. Lengsfelder-Ervin Drake) 4:38
2. Copout Extension (Duke Ellington) 8:21
3. Duel Fuel –Part I (Duke Ellington-Clark Terry) 2:45
4. Duel Fuel –Part Ii (Duke Ellington-Clark Terry) 1:43
5. Duel Fuel –Part Iii (Duke Ellington-Clark Terry) 6:19
6. Idiom ’59 –Part I [Vapor] (Duke Ellington) 2:02
7. Idiom ’59 –Part Ii (Duke Ellington) 4:36
8. Idiom ’59 –Part Iii (Duke Ellington) 7:08
9. Things Ain’t What They Used To Be (Mercer Ellington-Ted Parsons) 3:02
10. Launching Pad (Duke Ellington) 7:39
11. A Tone Parallel To Harlem (The Harlem Suite) (Duke Ellington) 13:47
12. The Controversial Suite Part 1 (Before My Time) (Duke Ellington) 6:10
13. The Controversial Suite Part 2 (Later) (Duke Ellington) 4:13
Duke Ellington
Festival Session
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• On Festival Session, the great Duke Ellington introduced new extended compositions for his orchestra that he had been preparing during the previous months with the intention of presenting them at the Newport Jazz Festival. Two additional suites by Ellington, The Harlem Suite and The Controversial Suite, have been included here as bonus material.
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