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Track Listing
01. The Anticipation (D. Ellington) 3:16
02. Le Sucrier Velours * 1 (D. Ellington) 4:55
03. Lotus Blossom * 1 (B. Strayhorn) 3:46
04. A Blue Mural From Two Perspectives * 1 ((D. Ellington - B. Strayhorn) 1:13
05. Iím Afraid (Of Loving You Too Much) (D. Ellington - D. George) 3:04
06. I Didnít Know About You (D. Ellington - B. Russell) 4:01
07. Loco Madi ((D. Ellington) 0:52
08. Lotus Blossom * 2 (B. Strayhorn) 2.08
09. New World A-Cominí (D. Ellington) 9:24
10. Le Sucrier Velours * 2 (D. Ellington) 2:42
11. Melancholia (D. Ellington) 4:33
12. Single Petal Of A Rose (D. Ellington) 2:45
13. The Blues Ainít (D. Ellington) 4:45
14. Come Sunday (D. Ellington) 4:56
15. My Mother, My Father And Love (D. Ellington) 4:46
16. A Blue Mural From Two Perspectives * 2 ((D. Ellington - B. Strayhorn) 1:56
17. Black Swan (D. Ellington) 1:56
18. The Lake (D. Ellington) 4:07
19. Satin Doll (D. Ellington - B. Strayhorn - J. Mercer) 2:27
20. Just Squeeze Me (D. Ellington - L. Gaines) 5:47
Duke Ellington
An Intimate Piano Session
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ē Previously unreleased music from the fingertips of Duke Ellington: An intimate 1972 session with the Duke on solo piano with his two band singers Anita Moore and Tony Watkins. These recordings have remained in the archive until now, this being the first commercial issue of these beautiful pieces. In addition there are three bonus tracks recorded live in Rotterdam's De Doelen Hall from November 1969, featuring a quartet with Duke, Wild Bill Davis, bassist Victor Gaskin and drummer Rufus Jones.
Reviews For An Intimate Piano Session
Observer - Dave Gelly
He had the compseres gift of conjouring mood with a simple phraseing, all this is gloriously on display here.
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