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Track Listing
Side One
1. My Way
2. Little Angel
3. Eddie’s Blues
4. Love Again
5. I Almost Lost My Mind
6. Jam Sandwich
7. Little Lou
8. Nervous Breakdown *

Side Two
1. Blue Suede Shoes
2. Lonely
3. Hammy Blues
4. My Love To Remember
5. Milk Cow Blues
6. Guybo
7. Long Tall Sally
8. That’s My Desire
Eddie Cochran
My Way (180g)
Vinyl Lovers
Cat No:
Price £15.99
• A raw and exciting rocker with a cocky, rebellious image, Eddie Cochran was very different from the polished and packaged idols being heavily marketed to American teenagers in the years between the rise of Elvis Presley and the arrival of The Beatles. And while he may have faded from popular memory in the years since his tragic and early death, his biggest hits left an indelible mark on rock & roll.

• This Vinyl Lovers edition features one of Cochran’s least known LPs, My Way. A compilation album, My Way was only released in the UK by the Liberty label during the ‘60s. It marks the third album issued posthumously for the UK market, where Cochran enjoyed tremendous success. It has never been released in the United States. The LP includes seven tracks that were issued after Cochran’s death: “My Way” and “Lonely” (which were published on two UK single releases), and “Little Lou” (from a 1958 date), plus four instrumentals cut during Cochran’s final sessions: “Eddie’s Blues”, “Jam Sandwich”, “Hammy Blues” and “Guybo”. The latter four numbers were first released on this album. In addition to the original masterpiece, this collector’s edition contains 2 bonus tracks from the same sessions, which were not included on the original LP.
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