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Track Listing
1. Bachianas Brasileiras Nº 4 Prelúdio 3:07
2. Bachianas Brasileiras Nº 4 Ária (Cantiga) 5:54
3. A Lenda Do Caboclo 5:43
4. Cair Da Tarde 3:51
5. Bachianas Brasileiras Nº 5 Ária (Cantilena) 6:03
6. Bachianas Brasileiras Nº 5 Dança (Martelo) 4:22
7. Modinha (Na Solidão Da Minha Vida) 5:25
8. Quarteto De Cordas Nº 5 Movimento (Allegro) 3:53
9. Lundu Da Marquesa De Santos 3:03
10. Sexteto Místico 7.59
11. Prelúdio Nº3 6:56
12. Choro Típico Nº 1. 6:32
Pau Brasil & Ensemble SP
Villa-Lobos Superstar
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• Over the years, the music of Villa-Lobos has been interpreted by musicians and orchestras of all sizes. Now one of Brazil’s oldest and most respected jazz/fusion groups, Pau Brasil, offer their warm acoustic version of Villa-Lobos anno 2016. It is done tenderly, respectfully and with love. Rather than playing the music in updated interpretations, Pau Brasil have chosen to keep close to the original compositions without forfeiting the option of improvising – which earned them a Brazilian award for the year’s best instrumental album.

• Pau Brasil was founded by saxophonist Teco Cardoso, pianist Nelson Ayres, bassist Rodolfo Stroeter, guitarist Paulo Belinati and drummer Ricardo Mosca, and it is still one of Brazil’s most outstanding groups focusing on instrumental and present day music. The group’s creative collaboration began in the 1970’s, and they have developed a distinct musical identity by incorporating all the traditional Brazilian rhythms and by feely moving in and out of indigenous, primitive and modern styles. Their collaboration with the Ensemble SP string quartet and vocalist Renato Braz on VILLA-LOBOS SUPERSTAR gives the music an even wider wingspan. The musicians in Pau Brasil and the string quartet share the exact same rhythmic feeling creating a perfect unit.