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Track Listing
Side 1
1. Morning After
2. Diana
3. Alright, O.K., You Win
4. Sticks & Stones
5. Misty
6. Night Before
7. Foxy *

Side 2
1. About Noon
2. One Degree North
3. Sack-O-Woe
4. Hold It
5. Ebb Tide
6. Last Night
7. What’s Happenin’ *
* Bonus Tracks
The Mar-Keys
Last Night! + 2 Bonus Tracks (180g)
Vinyl Lovers
Cat No:
Price £15.99
• This essential LP edition contains The Mar-Keys’ influential debut album, Last Night! It was originally released by the Atlantic label in 1961, and has been long unavailable on vinyl. It includes the aforementioned classic hit “Last Night,” as well as highlights like “Morning After,” Paul Anka’s “Diana,” the R&B stomper “Hold It,” and the ballad “Misty.” “Alright, Okay, You Win” is a snappy jazz tune that has a great rhythm, with some excellent horn parts in the middle. “Sticks and Stones” is a swinging little Go- Go number, and “Sack O’ Woe” is another gem of this set. The popular number “Ebb Tide” (the title comes from an American silent adventure film of 1922) features a build up that illustrates the ocean waves coming in and out to and from the shores, due to those ebb tides. The album also includes lesser-known tunes such as “One Degree North,” and the groovy “About Noon.”

• In addition to the original masterpiece, this Vinyl Lovers collector’s edition also presents 2 bonus tracks taped during that same period: “Foxy” and “What’s Happenin’.”
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