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Track Listing
1. In the Realms of Healing
2. Deep Theta (Part 1)
3. Heartnotes 2.0
4. 1st Chakra: Keynote C
5. Deep Theta 2.1
6. Deep Alpha (Part 3)
7. Awakening
8. Chakra Healing
9. Apollo's Lyre 2.0
10. Comfort Zone
11. Angels of Grace
12. Eastern Peace
13. Presence of Mind
14. Eventide
Steven Halpern
Sound Healing 2.0
Inner Peace Music
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Price £13.99
Steven Halpern's award winning compositions update the ancient art of Sound Healing, with innovative soundscapes that relax the body, quiet the mind and soothe the soul. Reducing stress is recommended by experts as a key factor in achieving and maintaining overall health. Halpern's music is the #1 seller worldwide to help people reduce their stress, relax and heal. Most music actually creates stress when we listen. Halpern's music is different. It helps the listener immediately shift into a state of mindful awareness, relaxation and inner peace. Within seconds, listeners can feel their heartbeat and breathing slowing down. Central to many of these tracks is the unique sound of the Fender Rhodes electric piano. This keyboard receives the highest rating for healing and relaxation.
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