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Track Listing
CD 1
1. Move It (Columbia DB4178) 1958
2. Schoolboy Crush (Columbia DB4178) 1958
3. High Class Baby (Columbia DB4203) 1958
4. My Feet Hit The Ground (Columbia DB4203) 1958
5. Livin' Lovin' Doll (Columbia DB4249) 1959
6. Steady With you (Columbia DB4249) 1959
7. Mean Streak (Columbia DB4290) 1959
8. Never Mind (Columbia DB4290) 1959
9. Living Doll (Columbia DB4306) 1959
10. Apron Strings (Columbia DB4306) 1959
11. Travellin' Light (Columbia DB4351) 1959
12. Dynamite (Columbia DB4351) 1959
13. Shrine On The Second Floor (From 'Expresso Bongo EP' , Columbia SEG7971) 1960
14. Love (From 'Expresso Bongo EP' , Columbia SEG7971) 1960
15. A Voice in the Wilderness (Columbia DB4398) 1960
16. Don't Be Mad At Me (Columbia DB4398) 1960
17. Fall in Love with You (Columbia DB4431) 1960
18. Willie And The Hand Jive (Columbia DB4431) 1960
19. Please Don't Tease (Columbia DB4479) 1960
20. Where Is My Heart (Columbia DB4479) 1960
21. Nine Times Out of Ten (Columbia DB4506) 1960
22. Thinking Of Our Love (Columbia DB4506) 1960
23. I Love You (Columbia DB4547) 1960
24. D In Love (Columbia DB4547) 1960
25. Theme for a Dream (Columbia DB4593) 1961
26. Mumblin' Mosie (Columbia DB4593) 1961
27. Gee Whiz It's You with The Shadows (Columbia DC756) 1961
28. I Cannot Find A True Love (Columbia DC756) 1961
29. A Girl Like You (Columbia DB4667) 1961
30. Now's The Time To Fall In Love (Columbia DB4667) 1961
31. When the Girl in Your Arms is the Girl in Your Heart (Columbia DB4716) 1961

CD 2
1. Got A Funny Feeling (Columbia DB4716) 1961
2. The Young Ones (Columbia DB4761) 1962
3. We Say Yeah (Columbia DB4761) 1962
4. I'm Lookin' Out the Window (Columbia DB4828) 1962
5. Do You Want to Dance? (Columbia DB4828) 1962
6. It'll Be Me (Columbia DB4886) 1962
7. Since I Lost You (Columbia DB4886) 1962
8. The Next Time (Columbia DB4950) 1962
9. Bachelor Boy (Columbia DB4950) 1962
10. No Turning Back (From 'Serious Charge' , Columbia SEG7895) 1959
11. My Babe (From 'Cliff No. 1' , Columbia SEG7903) 1959
12. Down The Line (From 'Cliff No. 1' , Columbia SEG7903) 1959
13. Ready Teddy (From 'Cliff No. 2' , Columbia SEG7910) 1959
14. The Snake And The Bookworm (From 'Cliff Sings No. 1' , Columbia SEG7979) 1960
15. Twenty Flight Rock (From 'Cliff Sings No. 2' , Columbia SEG7987) 1960
16. Mean Woman Blues (From 'Cliff Sings No. 2' , Columbia SEG7987) 1960
17. I'll String Along With You (From 'Cliff Sings No. 3' , Columbia SEG8005) 1960
18. That's My Desire (From 'Cliff Sings No. 4' , Columbia SEG8021) 1960
19. I'm Gonna Get You (From 'Me And My Shadows 1' , Columbia SEG8065) 1961
20. She's Gone (From 'Me And My Shadows 1' , Columbia SEG8065) 1961
21. Choppin' 'N' Changin' (From 'Me And My Shadows 2' , Columbia SEG8071) 1961
22. I'M Willing To Learn (From 'Me And My Shadows 3' , Columbia SEG8078) 1961
23. I Don't Know (From 'Me And My Shadows 3' , Columbia SEG8078) 1961
24. True Love Will Come To You (From 'Listen To Cliff 1' , Columbia SEG8105) 1961
25. Dream (From 'Dream' , Columbia SEG8119) 1961
26. First Lesson In Love (From 'Listen To Cliff 2' , Columbia SEG8126) 1961
27. Forty Days (To Come Back Home) (From 'Cliff Richard 1' , Columbia SEG8151) 1962
28. Tough Enough (From 'Cliff Richard 1' , Columbia SEG8151) 1962
29. Lessons In Love (From 'Hits From The Young Ones' , Columbia SEG8159) 1962
30. Poor Boy (From 'Cliff Richard 2' , Columbia SEG8168) 1962
Cliff Richard
The Singles & EPs Collection 1958-62 (2CD)
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Price £9.99
• Cliff Richard was one of first British artists to make their mark as a rock 'n' roll artist in the late '50s with a genuine claim of being able to compete effectively with the American originators of the genre, rapidly becoming one of the biggest artists on the UK pop scene as he reeled off a string of memorable hits, and he remains one of the most important personalities in the history of British pop.

• This great value 61-track 2-CD set focuses on the first formative five years of his career, and comprises all the A and B sides of his UK singles from his debut with "Move It" in 1958 through to 1962, and it's a measure of his success and popularity that those singles include 24 records which made the UK charts, of which 19 made the Top 10 and seven were No. 1s. - "Livin' Doll", "Travellin' Light", "Please Don't Tease", "I Love You", "The Young Ones", "The Next Time" and "Bachelor Boy".

• It also features selected tracks from his EPs released during this time, including "Dream", plus the movie-related "Serious Charge", "Expresso Bongo" and "The Young Ones", and those based on his albums "Cliff Sings", "Me And My Shadows", Listen To Cliff" and "21 Today".

• Since this was the era when rock 'n' roll was at its most important in his career, the selected EP tracks mainly, though not exclusively, reflect this most significant and often underestimated aspect of his style.

• It's a collection which evocatively captures the essence of those years for British baby-boomers.
Reviews For The Singles & EPs Collection 1958-62 (2CD)
Vintage Rock - John Howard
“No less than 61 tracks on a double CD here, starting with his debut Move It, and covering all his major early hits, selected EP and LP tracks, ending with Lessons In Love from The Young Ones, there is no question that in the early days Cliff gave the American instigators of rock’n’roll a good run for their money…” ****