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Track Listing
1. Deixaas
2. MK
3. Partículas (Cidade)
4. Plataforma
5. Tras o Muro
6. Cabelo
7. Linguas Elementais 8. Ela Propón
9. Cabo de Min
10. Transición
11. Olores Perdidos
Mercedes Peon
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Price £13.99
• Deixaas expands the creative universe of Mercedes Peón, bringing musical handcraft together with avant-garde creativity in an unique manner. This new work preserves the essence of the composer`s creative universe such as identity and gender issues, her interests on language, the idea of belonging, alive link transmissions, the immmediate sociopolitical enviroment... all converging in her music while interacting with sound and aesthetic languages never explored before by Mercedes Peón. For these reasons this new release stands for a new lap in her creative and compositive excellent matureness together with a live show performance that update her role as an unbeatable musical icon worldwide, an unique artistic experience, a real trance reconnecting the audience with the most genuine power in music conceived as leading cultural transmission chain.
Reviews For Deixaas
Songlines Music Awards Issue 147
“With her lyrical sogwriting, multi-instrumentalism and dynamic live shows, Peón has lent Galician folk music a new image and contemporary character. Her fifth album edged away from traditional arrangements in favour of a palette of sounds ranging from heavy metal licks to abstract minimalism, over which she she wails her incantatory poetry with abandon.”