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Track Listing
CD1 - 1918-1939
1. Giants
2. A Land Fit for Heroes
3. The Mysteries of Fulham
4. Pretty Maids in Tin Cans
5. Slow Progress 1929
6. The Hang of the Door
7. Here Comes Mr Gandhi
8. Did You Go to Eton? 1934
9. Holding Hands with Hitler
10. Where You Go Depends on Where You Come From
11. Lou 1936
12. Have You Heard the News? 1936
13. The Gentlemen of the Chorus
14. One More War
15. Welcome Him Home
16. Kitty and Me
17. September's Song

CD2 - 1939-1969
1. Just Don't Volunteer
2. November's Song
3. Winter Statistics
4. A Very Nice Man in a Uniform
5. Home by the Stars
6. The Girl with the Golden Hair
7. J Johnnie
8. My Boy Won't Come Back
9. Attlee for PM for me
10. Lou 1948
11. The Parachute
12. Nobby's Class
13. We'll be Lucky
14. Craven Vale Hall
15. Dancing Round the Sun
16. Lou 1958
17. Bad Germans
18. There's Always Ovaltine
19. All You Need is Love (and Comprehensive Schools)

CD3 - 1970-2018
1. Semi-Detached Suburban
2. Goalkeepers
3. Did You Go to Eton? 1976
4. A Cold Wind Coming
5. Desk Job
6. Have You Seen the News? 1984
7. Lou 1988
8. Brown and Black in the Union Jack
9. At the End of the Day
10. Who Buggered Bognor?
11. Slow Progress 2009
12. All You Need is Tweed
13. A Land Fit for Privilege 2010
14. The Clock Beyond Repair
15. Too Soon Tomorrow
16. Dancing Round the Sun
17. The Valediction
18. Ordinary Giants
Robb Johnson
Ordinary Giants (3CD)
Irregular Records
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Price £21.99
• The Collins Dictionary describes ‘monument’ as “Anything that preserves the memory of a person or an event” usually a term directly referring to buildings, pillars and so on. It also offers amongst the eight definitions, “A historic document or record”. Ordinary Giants by Robb Johnson meets both of these interpretations. Robb Johnson’s previous work, 'Gentle Men', used the biographies of his grandfathers to explore the First World War and received much critical commendation. In many ways, Ordinary Giants is as important not least as we near the end of the commemoration of the War to End All Wars and look towards what life was like for the returning Tommy. This extensive, 3 CD work follows the life and times of Robb’s father, Ron. Starting appropriately with the Armistice and the now seemingly empty echo of "A Land Fit For Heroes", right up to the formation of the welfare state and NHS, these songs are as much about the social and political changes throughout the twentieth century as they are about individual people.
Reviews For Ordinary Giants (3CD)
fRoots - David Kidman
A true magnum-opus-cum-labour-of-love from one of our nation's most prolific songwriters. This epic chronicle of unremarked yet remarkable live is created and dedicated with love and maximum respect. It can surely be heralded as something of a masterwork in its powerful, and often very moving, portrayal of the inextricable connection between personal life and the era's complex political issues.
RNR - Nick Burbridge
Musically, it's inventive, melodic and most capably played. Johnson rarely falters. ****
Songlines - Garth Cartwright
Johnson is a gifted songwriter who manages to pack plenty of detail, often as told by a character, into his songs. The family narrative keeps moving forward at a pace and is often vivid, dramatic and witty all at once. Ordinary Giants is a remarkable achievement and one I'd like ot hear on national radio and see performed on stage across the UK. ****
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