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Track Listing
1. A New Meeting
2. In Memory of:
I. Inger Hagerup
II. Radka Toneff
III. Astrid Hjertenaes Andersen
3. The Ballad Of Buttersmile
4. That Was Yesterday
5. Sigbjorn Obstfelder: I look
6. That Fact That No Birds Sing
7. Elk
8. Wigwam
9. The Bird From Kapingamarangi
10. Six Frantics
11. Koan for A Cultural Bureaucrat
12. The Pine Cone Song
13. The Scent of Ginger Flowers
14. “He Burned, Because He Burned”
15. No Words, Fire Island
Chet Baker / Jan Erik Vold
Telemark Blue
Hot Club
Cat No:
Price £12.99
• ’Telemark Blue’ is one of the last albums Chet Baker made, recorded in Paris, February 1988, just three months before his untimely death. It’s a jazz & poetry album - the only one Baker ever made.

• The initiative came from the Norwegian poet Jan Erik Vold, who had been working with leading jazz musicians since the late sixties, reading his poetry along with Jan Garbarek’s early groups, and later with pianist Egil Kapstad, bringing in Swedish tenorists like Nisse Sandstöm and Bernt Rosengren, as well as Americans like bass player Red Mitchell and guitarist Doug Raney.

• Vold has published 20 books of poetry, numerous literary essays, biographies and editorial works; as well as translations of American poets, including William Carlos Williams, Wallace Stevens, Robert Creeley, Frank O’Hara, Richard Brautigan and Bob Dylan.

• These historically important recordings also feature Philip Catherine on guitar, and Egil Kapstad on ’Bill Evans inspired’ piano. The album was produced by Jon Larsen, who runs Hot Club Records. The album comes in a digipack sleeve, including a 24-page booklet, with previously unpublished photos.
Reviews For Telemark Blue
Jazz Rag - Greg Murphy
Baker is in relaxed form here, his trumpet gentle and lyrical, with some fine jazz standards forming a musical base for Vold's poems.