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Original Soundtrack music to a Werner Herzg film
Ernst Reijseger
Salt and Fire (OST)
Winter & Winter
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• Ernst Reijseger is progressively establishing himself successfully as film music composer and creates a unique atmosphere with a complex blend of composition, improvisation, world music and contemporary. The soundtrack Salt and Fire is a playful balancing act between traditional rules and genre boundaries. Reijseger crosses borders and creates his own sound world without barriers. At the beginning of the millennium Werner Herzog and Ernst Reijseger started working together. The music of Salt and Fire describes with sounds, the beauty and variety of our nature on earth. Ernst Reijseger’s work is a homage to life, love and eternity. Ernst Reijseger, individualist, cellist, composer and performance artist, belongs to one of the most important artists of the contemporary music scene. His instrument is his voice.

• Ernst Reijseger (cello,voice) Netherlands Wind Ensemble

• Herzog about Ernst Reijseger: “He is one of the most amazing musicians who I ever met with and got acquainted. He speaks and sings through his cello, his instrument becomes part of his body and he pens works filled with highest musicality, beauty, pure elegance and sensitivity … he can do anything, anything on his cello. He could play the civil war, the American Civil war on his cello”.
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