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Track Listing
Miłosz BEMBINOW : Nocturne (1997) the words of Psalms 41, 52, 55 and Horace’s Epodos II for soprano, percussion, harp, harpsichord, cello Andrzej BORZYM jr : A Porcelain Doll (2015) to the words by Maja Baczyńska for soprano, alto flute, cello, harp and percussion
Katarzyna SZWED : Cold Countries lullabies (2015) to the words by Katarzyna Szwed for soprano, percussion, viola, cello
Rafał JANIAK : 5 Songs of the Betrayed (2015) to Mariusz Jagiełło’s poems for soprano, violin, cello, harp and percussion : Calmness, - Anger, - Fear, - Jealousy, - Trust
Aleksander KOSCIOW : Slykialan eavvat (2013) to the words by Aleksander Kościów for vocal sextet
Sławomir ZAMUSZKO: Nasha Shkhapa (2006/2015) to the words by Ogden Nash and Hilaire Belloc for soprano and piano
- The cat, - The rhinoceros, - The poultry, -The cow, -The pig, -The viper Agata ZUBEL : What is the word (2012) to the words by Samuel Beckett for soprano, flute, violin, cello, piano
Jagoda SZMYTKA : real life song (2014/2015)to the words by Jagoda Szmytka for soprano, flutes, clarinets, piano, violin, cello, percussion
Various Composers
Real Life Song - Joanna Freszel, soprano
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• The main objective of the album Real Life Song by Joanna Freszel, who was the project's initiator and manager, was to present the creativity of young Polish composers. The commitment of excellent chamber musicians, accompanying the singing, as well as the selection of texts, either written by Polish poets (Mariusz Jagiełło, Maja Baczyńska), or taken from a literary canon (Edward Estlin Cummings, Samuel Beckett) are project's additional assets.

• Joanna Freszel (soprano)
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