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Track Listing
Side 1 - Concerto No.VI – allegro, Concerto No.IV – Andante, Concerto No.IV – presto, Concerto No.VI – allegro,

Side 2 – Concerto No.II – allegro, Concerto No.1 – adagio, Concerto No.III – allegro, Concerto No.V affettuoso, Concerto No.V - allegro
J.S.Bach - Die Freitagsakademie
The Brandenburg Concertos - selected works (1
Winter & Winter
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• The Brandenburg Concertos by Bach count among his most well-known works, composed before 1721. At that time when he did not know about his subsequent engagement as Thomaskantor in Leipzig. This year – or maybe even earlier? – Bach fell in love with the young Anna Magdalena. All doors seemed to be open for the 36 year old Bach, who had great plans. He was full of energy and has had a real zest for life. This LP opens beautifully effervescent with the first Allegro from the VI. Concerto, followed by the Andante — which could be seen as an imagination and a homage to Vivaldi’s lagoon city Venice — and after that sounds the almost excessive Presto of the IV. Concerto. The side A ends with the celebratory closing Allegro, again from the VI. Concerto. The B-side starts with the brilliant compositions of the Allegro from the II. Concerto. The Adagio from the I. Concerto gives a miraculous rest. Then follows — between wild dance and sensual rapture – the Allegro from the III. Concerto. Contemplative calm brings the Affetuoso from the V. Concerto, and the album ends with the vigorous Allegro from the same Concerto.

• 180g Vinyl LP Limited edition of 500, numbered by hand

• Die Freitagsakademie