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Track Listing
1. Cascadia
2. Let's Go
3. Antics
4. Dash and Dot
5. Give Us A Hand
6. Look At Him Now
7. Bride's Song
8. Here We Go
9. It Is To Laugh
10. Prelude
11. Ah! 'Tis Love
12. All Together
13. Beautiful Lady
14. Bells
15. By Rote
16. Candy, Candy
17. Confusion
18. Crabtree
19. Dear, With Me
20. Fliver Flops
21. Gangway Charlie
22. Garden Gaieties
23. Good Old Days
24. Here Are The Pets
25. If It Were Only True
26. In My Canoe
27. Intermezzo
28. Little Dancing Girl
29. The Moon And You
30. On to the Show
31. The One I Love Best
32. Riding Along
33. Why! The Old Flirt
34. Winding Path
35. You Are the One I Love
36. Bassooning
37. Beer Barons
38. Colonel Buckshot
39. Cops
40. Dog Song
41. Excitement
42. Goofs (the complete set)
43. Going Places
44. Nothing At All
45. Slouching ('Rocking')
46. Snowing
47. Tip-Toes
Leroy Shield
Laurel & Hardy - The Original Piano Music
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• Leroy Shield was a professional pianist and radio orchestra leader who worked as an arranger/conductor for the Victor Talking Machine Company before providing the music for films made at the Hal Roach Studios in the early 1930s. The result of meticulous research, this CD brings back to life Shield’s distinctive background music for Laurel and Hardy comedies and other films produced by the Roach Studios between 1930 and 1933

• Italian musician and producer Alessandro Simonetto, a great Laurel and Hardy fan, plays a set of carefully reconstructed scores on the piano.The CD comes with an excellent illustrated booklet with interesting sleevenotes
Reviews For Laurel & Hardy - The Original Piano Music
Mojo -
Leroy shield's mellifluous, jocular, sentimental tunes for early '30s Hal roach comedies ****