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Track Listing
1. He's A Darned Good Man (To Have Hanging Around) - With Ray's Dreamland Orchestra (1921)
2. How Long, Sweet Daddy, How Long - With Henderson's Novelty Orchestra (1921)
3. Bring Back The Joys (1921)
4. Someday Sweetheart (1921)
5. Downhearted Blues - With Eubie Blake's Orch. (1922)
6. Why Did You Pick Me Up When I Was Down, Why Didn't You Let Me Lay? - With Eubie Blake's Orch. (1922)
7. Gonna Have You - Ain't Gonna Leave You Alone - With Eubie Blake's Orch. (1922)
8. Daddy Blues - With Eubie Blake's Orch. (1922)
9. Don't Pan Me (Don't Talk About Me) - With Eubie Blake's Orch. (1922)
10. After All These Years - With Eubie Blake's Orch. (1922)
11. I'm Going Away Just To Wear You Off My Mind - With Eubie Blake (1922)
12. Jazzin' Baby Blues - With Eubie Blake (1922)
13. You Can't Have It All - With Sam Wooding's Orch. (1922)
14. Lonesome Monday Morning Blues - With Sam Wooding's Orchestra (1922)
15. Come On Home - With Henderson's Novelty Orch. (1923)
16. You Shall Reap What You Sow - With Henderson's Novelty Orchestra (1923)
17. 'Tain't Nobody's Business If I Do - With The Original Memphis Five (1923)
18. If You Want To Keep Your Daddy Home - With The Original Memphis Five (1923)
19. Bleeding Hearted Blues - With The Original Memphis Five (1923)
20. Chirpin' The Blues - With Fletcher Henderson (1923)
21. Someone Else Will Take Your Place - With Fletcher Henderson (1923)
22. Vamping Brown - With Fletcher Henderson (1923)
23. You Can Have My Man (If He Comes To See You Too) - With Fletcher Henderson (1923)

1. Aggravatin' Papa (Don't You Try To Two-Time Me) - With Henderson's Dance Orchestra (1923)
2. I'm Going Away - With Henderson's Dance Orchestra (1923)
3. Loveless Love - With Henderson's Dance Orchestra (1923)
4. You Can Take My Man But You Can't Keep Him Long - With Henderson's Dance Orchestra (1923)
5. Bring It With You When You Come - With Henderson's Dance Orchestra (1923)
6. Mistreated Blues - With Fletcher Henderson (1923)
7. Michigan Water Blues - With Fletcher Henderson With Joe Smith (1923)
8. Down South Blues - With Fletcher Henderson With Joe Smith (1923)
9. Stingaree Blues - With Fats Waller (1923)
10. You Can't Do What My Last Man Did - With Fats Waller (1923)
11. Experience Blues - With Her Paramount Boys (1923)
12. Sad 'N' Lonely Blues [Lonely Blues] - With Her Paramount Boys (1923)
13. Miss Anna Brown - With Lovie Austin's Orch. (1923)
14. Maybe Someday - With Lovie Austin's Orch. (1923)
15. Old Fashioned Love - With Elkins/Payne Jubilee Quartette (1924)
16. If The Rest Of The World Don't Want You (Go Back To Your Mother And Dad) - With Elkins/Payne Jubilee Quartette (1924)
17. Everybody Loves My Baby - Josephine Beatty With The Red Onion Jazz Babies (1924)
18. Texas Moaner Blues - Josephine Beatty With The Red Onion Jazz Babies (1924)
19. Nobody Knows The Way I Feel This Morning - Josephine Beatty With The Red Onion Jazz Babies (1924)
20. Early Every Morn' - Josephine Beatty With The Red Onion Jazz Babies (1924)
21. Cake Walkin' Babies From Home - The Red Onion Jazz Babies (1924)
22. Your Jelly Roll Is Good - With Perry Bradford's Mean Four (1925)
23. Take That Thing Away - With Perry Bradford's Mean Four
24. Everybody Does It Now - With Perry Bradford's Mean Four

1. A Master Man With A Master Mind - With Perry Bradford's Mean Four (1926)
2. Don't Want It All - With Perry Bradford's Mean Four (1926)
3. I'm Hard To Satisfy (1926)
4. Empty Cellar Blues (1926)
5. Double Crossin' Papa (1926)
6. You For Me, Me For You - With Clarence Williams (1926)
7. I'm Tired Blues (1926)
8. Wasn't It Nice ? (1926)
9. Everybody Mess Around (1926)
10. Don't Forget To Mess Around - With Perry Bradford's Mean Four (1926)
11. Heebie Jeebies - With Perry Bradford's Mean Four (1926)
12. I'll Forgive You 'Cause I Love You - With Mike Jackson (1927)
13. I'm Gonna Lose Myself 'Way Down In Louisville - With Mike Jackson (1927)
14. My Old Daddy's Got A Brand-New Way To Love With Mike Jackson (1927)
15. I'm Down Right Now But I Won't Be Down Always - With Mike Jackson (1927)
16. Sugar With Fats Waller - (1927)
17. Beale Street Blues - With Fats Waller (1927)
18. I'm Going To See My Ma - With Fats Waller (1927)
19. Gimme All The Love You Got (1929)
20. My Particular Man (1929)
21. Two Cigarettes In The Dark - With Jack Jackson Orchestra (1934)
22. Miss Otis Regrets (She's Unable To Lunch Today) - With Jack Jackson Orchestra (1934)
23. Soon - With Jack Jackson Orchestra (1934)

Alberta Hunter
The Alberta Hunter Collection 1921-40 (4CD)
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Alberta Hunter was one of the most prominent jazz and blues singers of the early inter-war years, working with many of the major names of the period, as well as being a noted song writer.

This great-value 94-track 4-CD set covers the two decades which comprised the greater part of her core recording career she recorded only a couple of times after 1940 while she was travelling to entertain troops, and retired from the business to take up nursing when her mother died in 1957, returning to singing in her 70s after she was obliged to retire from nursing.

Her style spanned the blues and jazz genres, in that while her accompaniment was often jazz-flavoured, the songs were very much in the blues idiom.

She worked with solo or small band accompaniment, collaborating with many luminaries of early jazz, such as Eubie Blake, Fletcher Henderson, Clarence Williams, Fats Waller, Lovie Austin, Tommy Ladnier and Perry Bradford, with the likes of Louis Armstrong Lil Armstrong, Sidney Bechet and Buster Bailey featuring in the groups she worked with.

Also included are recordings she made in London in 1934 with the Jack Jackson Orchestra.

This anthology comprises a very high proportion of the recordings she made during the period, and is a thorough overview of her work, so provides a comprehensive showcase for her unique talent.
Reviews For The Alberta Hunter Collection 1921-40 (4CD)
Jazz Journal - Peter Gamble
Nobody need look any further than this for definitive Hunter. *****
Northern Echo - Peter Bevan
94 carefully selectred tracks, some sizzly , provides a comprehensive view of her extensive range from classics blues, to vaudville and cabaret.