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Track Listing
1. You'll never walk alone
2. Just as i am
3. Lord don't move the montain
4. Highway to heaven
5. The lord's prayer
6. Tell it sing it shout it
7. The rosary
8. My faith looks up to thee
9. Come on children let's sing
10. Somebody bigger than you and I
11. I believe
12. My lord and I
13. My father watches over me
14. I asked the lord
15. Joshua fit the battle of jericho
16. Gos will take care of you
17. Didn't it rain
18. Throw out the lifeline
19. Down by the river side
20. Hallelujah tis done
21. By his word
Mahalia Jackson
Complete Mahalia Jackson Vol. 14 1961
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Price £12.99
The rich musical heritage left by arguably the greatest Gospel singer of the 20th Century, continues on “Mahalia Jackson Sings” which forms part of the Complete Mahalia Jackson series which are both exceptional recordings in themselves and historical events. This release contains the soundtrack of all the songs filmed by the TEC television channel in June and July 1961.
Reviews For Complete Mahalia Jackson Vol. 14 1961
Blues & Rhythm - Norman Darwen
Sound quality is uniformly excellent, certainly for 56 year old television recordings. Throughout the focus is on Mahalia's vocal prowess, a fine introduction to her remarkable talent.
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